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This is a minor web application to be run locally for creating, editing and printing resume's. Resume's can be easily created and updated by using a simply uniform interface to add, edit, drag and remove sections, subsections and personal information.


Below is the changelog for this project. Below that is a list of upcoming features that are scheduled to be implemented.


  • V0.3.7
    • Added translation functionality in javascript to change the resume locale.
    • New resume's will be in the new locale. Tooltips etc will be in the new locale for imported resumes.
    • Added U.S. and Dutch locales.
  • V0.3.6
    • Added a few languages for date time locales
  • V0.3.5
    • Allow photos in personal information
    • Moved a few navbar items around
    • Included photo in navbar
  • V0.3.4
    • Allow resume to be imported
    • Allow resume to be exported
  • V0.3.3
    • Personal details: add, edit, delete
  • V0.3.2
    • Sections: add, edit, delete
  • V0.3.1
    • About page update to include changelog and upcoming features
    • Entries: add, edit, delete
  • V0.3
    • Add function to edit resume
  • V0.0
    • Tab with main menu (save, load, print a la libre office)
    • Tab with current document
    • Function to show/hide section (a la entries)
    • Function to add personal info section
    • Function to delete personal info section

Upcoming Features

  • General
    • Add themes
    • Tab with instructions
    • Supplement about page with motivation, applied technologies and sources
    • Translate tooltips on locale change.

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